Fulfill Your automotive dreams

US insurance auto auction transportation services

Why us?

  • Full service, from participation in auction, to Your dream ride on Your driveway.
  • We're working directly with transportation company, without any middle man.
  • The whole transaction is absolutely transparent, no hidden fees or markups.
  • If need be, we can repair Your new ride at our workshop.
  • Will make the necessary modifications to make the car comply with EU regulations.
  • We have our own trusty BMW X5 for hauling cars in California from Auction house to port.
  • Serving the whole continental US, and even Hawaii
  • Ocean freight can be arranged from 9 ports in US, to minimize ground transportation costs.
  • Auto insurance available.

What's the process like?

In layman's terms:

Use these two websites to find the car Your looking for: copart.com and iaai.com, decide on the budget (all costs included, car on Your driveway), and we'll take care of the rest, be patient and wait for Your new ride to be unloaded on Your driveway.

A bit more in detail:

  1. Use these two websites to find the car You are looking for copart.com and iaai.com.
  2. Send us a link with Your chosen car. Preferred means of communication WhatsApp +371 26595412
  3. Decide on a budget that should not be exceeded for a car that's already delivered to You (all expenses included)
  4. Wait for us to get back to You, with a calculated maximal bid amount, so that we can fall within Your preferred budget.
  5. Once You give us the green light, we join the auction on Your behalf.
  6. If we win the auction, the wire transfer for the car has to be made the following day until 3PM. If we are outbid, return to step 1.
  7. Next wire transfer should be made in 2-3 weak time for ocean freight and ground transportation within US.
  8. Expect 2-3 month shipping time from west coast, and 1-2 month from east coast.
  9. Port of discharge is Klaipeda, where we pick the car up and deliver it to Latvian customs in Riga.
  10. Last wire transfer once the customs office calculates import duty and VAT. 
  11. After a cleared payment we deliver the car to place of Your choosing or our workshop if it needs some repairs.
  12. If the car is newer then 2001 January 1., Certificate of Conformity is needed, if the car is older then that You can proceed with the registration.

It all seems quite daunting at first, thus You have some unanswered questions, please do feel free to give us a call at +371 26595412 and discuss the whole process or better yet if possible swing by Kr. Barona street 136, and we'll answer all the questions You might have.