BMW workshop

Specialized BMW workshop

Master BMW mechanics with 10+ years of experience, will take the best possible care of Your prized possession. Being a specialized BMW workshop we have manufacturer specific tools and know how, to work on Your ultimate driving machine.

BMW restoration.

We're taking on these massive jobs, and giving it everything we've got, leaving no bolt unchecked.

Engine Swaps

If Your BMW's engine sole purpose is to heat up the coolant fluid, it's time for a change.

We'll swap any engine in any chassis as long as the new engine runs on petrol. We're doing extremely neat and tidy swaps, looking as if they came from factory that way. The engine swaps can be fully CSDD compliant, if need be.

Managing Uncommon issues

Have You been turned away from other workshops due to their inability to pinpoint the root cause of Your troubled BMW? With our deep understanding of BMW systems we never shy away from a good challenge.